Our Founder
Mr. Kao Sieu Luc

Iron gentleman with an indefatigable passion for bread. In his career and personal life, he faced and overcame a mountain of hardship but for today, the name “Kao Sieu Luc” has affirmed itself with the role of the director of ABC Bakery, the “Anh Ba” ties very closely with the friendly company director that is still commonly seen assisting in the daily operation of ABC Bakery.

With more than 20 years experience in the bakery and confectionery industry, Mr Kao not only bring back a string of  significant achievements for the company but also for himself. He has received medals, merits by many business & government organizations such as Entrepreneur of Ho Chi Minh city. In 2012, he accepted the invitation to participate as a judge in the prestigious International French Bakery Competition, The Bakery Masters in French and received the Labor Medal III for individuals from the President of Vietnam.

With a strong passion for learning, having a good vision and being fearless for ordeals, Mr. Kao Sieu Luc had built up an ABC Bakery till what it is today. Besides successfully building a good business , he is also very successful in building long term relationships with both his employees and business partners. Those people that had worked with him since his first steps on his career journey still stays hand in with him up to today.

Being meticulous in personality, passionate in work, and always put a heart on the smallest details, Mr. Kao Sieu Luc became the most vivid proof for the principle that success comes from passion. When a hobby become a job or career we need to find another hobby but for Mr. Kao Sieu Luc, he not only turn his personal hobby into work but he also turn his hobby and work into his life.